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The Klassi Group

About Us

KLASSI Group was founded by Larry C & Lee-Ann ON Goddard (father and daughter)

Our first venture in 2004 started with LCG Technologies dealing with IT solutions with specific emphasis on Desktop Support. In the years that follow we got into more services and now offer a wide range which include Software Testing, Network Design and Maintenance. This technology arm was later rebranded as Klassi Technologies (KlassiTech) in 2017.

Expanding in 2012, the team launched Klassi Fashion which was a simple online retail fashion store working in collaboration with wholesale manufacturers across India and Asia. This e-commerce arm of the business was also rebranded in 2017 as we started producing our own label fashion lines. In addition new merchandising collaborations were formed with Artists / Designers from across the Caribbean and Africa.

Now in February 2017, we added to the Group and launched Klassi Bodyz organising and executing various life, health and fitness events in communities across London. This is our charitable arm operating as a Community Interest Company (CIC).

As a group, we are people driven and service is at the heart of everything we do. There are plans to expand even further over the coming years tapping into other areas where we can make some social differences.